Yeah, I’m bad

Yeah, I’m bad

I admit it, I’m horrible at following through with things.  I created a blog on a Wednesday, I posted on that Wednesday, now here we are, the next Monday and I am only just posting again.  For shame.  I once read somewhere that it takes a week of doing something for it to become a habit.  Personally, I’m pretty sure it takes a lot longer than that, but maybe if I make a point of at least checking this blog every day, I might actually keep up with it.

Let me fill you in on this last week… There have actually been exciting happenings that relate to this blog.  Remember that camera I said I wanted to save up for? Well, lucky for me it’s my birthday this week.  No, I’m not that spoiled that someone is outright giving me $800 worth of camera for my birthday, but I am lucky and loved enough that my parents are willing to spot me the money for the camera until I get a job to pay them back.  It’s actually super exciting.  In just 4 days, I’ll have my hands on my very own Nikon D5100 hundred with a kit lens (that’s a post in and of itself) and a pretty basic telephoto zoom lens. I cannot express to you how freaking excited I am!  In my typical fashion, I’ve been learning everything I can about my new interest in as short a period a time as possible.  Now that the camera is a certainty and not a distant “when I have money” dream, I am even more serious about absorbing as much knowledge as I can about photography into my head.  I’ll be honest, I don’t feel like writing about all that I’ve learned right this moment, but I promise posts will be coming!

This week I also finally got up the nerve/ambition/energy to work on a project I’ve had in my head for literally years.  I’m painting a dresser. 😀  Again, that’s another post.


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