Rain, rain, you can stay, motivate another day!

Rain, rain, you can stay, motivate another day!

What I learned today: Thursday, November 29th

Today was a rare rainy day in the SFV.  At least I think it’s rare, maybe it rains here in the winter like how it snows in Syracuse.  That wouldn’t be so bad, I love the rain.  Even though I like rainy days, they aren’t great in the motivation department.  I didn’t feel motivated to work on my computer programming stuff today at all… so I didn’t.  Instead of computer stuff, I figured to be a productive person I should at least do some laundry.  Proud to say I got us all caught up on laundry except for a load of towels. Woot!

So, what did I learn today if it wasn’t Python or Git stuff?   Japanese!  Well, a few words of Japanese. Lately I’ve been getting back into the Pimsleur Japanese lessons that I got about a year ago. I started fresh on Monday, did a lesson Tuesday, skipped yesterday, and did a lesson today. From what I’ve read online, the Pimsleur method makes a lot of sense.  It’s an audio program, nothing fancy. You sit and listen to native speakers in whatever language you’re trying to learn, and repeat aloud after them. That’s all. I can remember everything so far, so that’s a good sign, right?  There’s a newer version of Pimsleur out for a few languages, call Pimsleur Unlimited.  I don’t have any experience with that at all, but if anyone does, I’d love to hear if the extras make any difference – good or bad.

Today’s highlights:

  • In Japanese, I can now have a very, VERY basic conversation about whether or not someone speaks English and Japanese, if they’re American or Japanese, greet someone in the morning or afternoon, say appropriate thank you’s, and make basic small talk about how someone is feeling
  • I didn’t mention it today, but I’m getting faster every day at my seed stitch embroidery
  • I learned I still suck at folding fitted sheets… /cry

Tomorrow, rain or shine, it’s back to working on Python and Git!


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