Hi, I’m new here (sort of…)

Hi, I’m new here (sort of…)

2013!  The year is new, and so is this blog.  I actually started it a few months ago, but with only posted a couple of times and then left it be.  This time, I’m hoping to be a lot more dedicated to posting and updating.

To help me keep updating, at least in some small way, I’ve decided to complete a Project 365.  Basically, I plan to take at least one photo a day for the whole year.  I won’t necessarily post every day, but I will try to take the photo each day and post it in time.  Sometimes there might just be a photo with no explanation, and other times I hope that a photo sparks an idea for a whole post/topic.

Who knows if anyone will read this, or see my photos, or my future posts.  I’m going to add a link to this site to Project 365 link ups and see what happens.  If you found this page through one of those, fantastic!  Comment so I can see what else people are doing out there.

With that, Happy New Year!

My 365


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