January 1 (1/365)



Thankfully I told my husband about my plan to do a Project 365.  He has a way of motivating me to do things even when I’m feeling lazy.

Our original plan for New Year’s Day was to wake up at the crack of dawn and head to Pasadena to watch the Rose Parade. Yeah… that didn’t happen.  We did go to Pasadena on New Year’s Eve to spend time with friends and welcome in the new year, but since we don’t live in town like everyone else, we went home to the SFV.  Everyone was getting together at some crazy hour like 7am to eat breakfast and watch the parade, which sounded nice and all, but 7am in Pasadena means 6:30 leave home which means 6:00 wake up… not a nice idea for a night owl like me.  Slept in, loved it.

That all seemed great until about 8 at night when I realized I hadn’t taken a photo yet for my first day of 365.  I mentioned it to my husband, and he said I should take some photos, so I did.

Our Christmas ornaments and decorations would soon be coming down, what better subject!  Here it is, my 1/365 photo(s).  Our tree, a close-up of part of the awesome handmade Mexican nativity, and our cute B & C tree ornaments that I think maybe my friend got me (I can’t remember, I’m bad).

Christmas Decorations

Here they are in their normal proportions:

EDITED TO ADD:  Upon thoughtful contemplation, I’ve decided there can only be one! (hehe Highlander)  Seriously though, the tree photo shall be known as the official 1/365 photo henceforth.

My 365


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