January 13 (13/365)

January 13 (13/365)


Today’s photo requires a little explanation.  My original intent for today was to work on a theme of “gratitude.”  I saw that another one of the bloggers linked up on the Click it Up a Notch 365 link-up was working on doing a gratitude theme for their entire 365.  That’s a little too confining for me, so I thought of doing “Grateful Sundays,” but didn’t quite manage to take the grateful-type photo today that I had intended.  Enter the photo of the day…

My husband has been working on his fitness for a while now.  Three times a week when he gets home from the gym, he eats a very carefully measured meal straight away.  It’s the same meal every time, and his friends at work were asking him about it last week.  So, we took a photo to show them just how much food he consumes right after the gym 3x a week.  Until this Sunday, we had never actually seen all the food together at once, and it’s actually pretty overwhelming to look at.  There’s my explanation of today’s photo.  I’m grateful for his health, and if this food helps keep him healthy, then I’ m grateful for that.

Bon appetit!

DSC_0210-1If you’re curious, that’s: 1 banana, 2 slices potato bread, 150g raisins, 24g shredded coconut, 286g rice (when uncooked), 493g chicken (usually it’s more if he goes to the gym in the evening, but we saved some protein for dinner time), and about 1/2-3/4 cup of peas.

p.s.  I know it looks crazy, but that’s actually a carefully calculated selection of protein, fat, and carbs.

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