January 15 (15/365)

January 15 (15/365)


Only 15 days into the year, it feels so much longer!

So this morning I had a job interview in an area I’d never visited before.  I left early to avoid being late, and of course got there crazy early and had to amuse myself for a while before going into the building. Luckily I had anticipated this possibility and brought my camera!

Most of the shots were goofy faces I was making, as well as some shots of my shadow on the pavement, but I did take a few photos of this very barren looking tree on the edge of the parking lot.  Today’s photo was actually a mistake — I had left the ISO crazy high from when I was trying to take photos of my hair in rollers the night before, so in the bright light of day the photo came out crazy overexposed.  I like how it turned out though!  It’s different, something about it just draws me in.  Overexposed mess or interesting photo?  Who knows, who cares.  The branches of the tree remind me of biology class in high school, axions and neurons and all that.

Here you go, the overexposed naked tree:



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  1. Sometimes it’s fun to blow out images a bit! I like this one. I don’t think it would be as appealing if it was correctly exposed. Accident or not, it’s awesome! 🙂

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