Craft Debt

Craft Debt

I’m in serious craft debt.  No, not the kind that involves credit cards and debt collectors, serious craft debt.  I have a ton of unfinished projects all around me and hidden away, I’m in deep.

I call it debt because I just don’t feel right starting anything new right now.  I owe it to these projects to see them through.  So, I make a resolution today, in front of all you witnesses (hehe, “all” like there’s a lot), that I will work my way out of this pile of unfinished projects, and into a happy land of sweet guiltless crafting!

This is a little embarrassing, but I’m going to share the crafts stuck in limbo now.  I say ‘a little’ because I know there is no way I’m the only one out there in craft debt.  Here goes, my lost, forgotten, in progress, and otherwise unloved crafts.

Cinderella PJ’s and Robe

Cute, right?

Cute, right?

This list of shame is going to be in no particular order, except this first item.  I am ashamed to admit it, but, this is my goddaughter’s Christmas present.  Yes, I am a horrible person… Except I’m not.  See, like many things in this life, I started with the best of intentions.  Come with me, back in time, to the start of this saga…

It was the first week of December and I was on top of my game.  My best friend, and goddaughter’s mother, had sent me a link to her Christmas wish list, and I had read it immediately.  As soon as I saw the doll sized Cinderella robe and nightgown set I knew what I had to do.  I would buy that little set and up the ante by sewing her her very own matching set to wear.  Best godmother ever, right?  That’s when it sort of went south.  I braved Toys’r’us (actually 2 of them, but that’s another story) and bought the set.  That very same day I went to Joann’s and bought a pattern for a similar robe and a pattern for a similar nightgown.  Still winning.  Problem is, that’s where progress stopped.  It wasn’t for lack of good intentions, I had tons of those.  It was time.  You’re saying to yourselves, “Time?! What lies! It was the first week of December, tons of time.”  You’re right, tons of time, which is why I undertook the project in the first place.  Little did I realize that the birthday embroidery I was working on for my nephew would take so long, or that the weeks before Christmas would be so unbelievably busy.

See? I even got the patterns!

See? I even got the patterns!

I’m ashamed, I honestly am.  True, I did warn my bestie that her daughter’s present would be late, but now it’s past a little late.  The doll sized set has sat in a place of constant shaming since I bought it, hanging by its cute little hanger from my desk lamp, little doll slippers right along with it.  This project is priority level 1 zillion; I cannot and will not be the horrible aunt who didn’t send her niece a Christmas present.

Prominent place of shaming

Prominent place of shaming

So cute on the little hanger

So cute on the little hanger

..and the little slippers, too

..and the little slippers, too

It has become pretty clear to me that this litany of abandoned projects will need to be spread out over several posts.  I promise they aren’t all anywhere near as horrible a tale as the Cinderella outfit.  I’ll be updating you all each day on my pile-o-unfinished-stuff.  In the meantime, has anyone else got some craft debt they want to fess up to?  Let me know, maybe I won’t feel so guilty while I sew.

Keep on reading, Part 2 is here.

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  1. I feel you– when I started my 365 project 3 years ago, I noticed my crafting blog has gotten less love– which means that I haven’t been crafting as much! I tried to resolve this in the past few months, but I should do what you did, and show off my unfinished crafts in an attempt to make myself finish them!

    On a side note– how were you able to get a separate tab with your 365 project on it? I have wordpress as well and can’t figure that out for the life of me!

    • Thanks for the comment! Good to know I’m not the only one who has to be publicly shamed into finishing things 😛
      As far as the 365 project page, I went into the “Dashboard” for my site, and on the left there’s “Pages”, click that and then “Add New” (also on the left) and give it a name. Then I went to “Add Media” above the text box and on the left side of the window that pops up I chose “Create Gallery.” Every day I just click on that gallery and add photos to it. Probably not the easiest way to do it, but it works for me. Hope that helps 🙂

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