Craft debt Pt 2 – the one where my husband notices


When we last left off, I was being a horrible godmother who doesn’t complete and send Christmas presents.

That was craft priority número uno;  the rest of these items are in no particular order, but for the sake of organization, posts may be themed.  Take this post.  The projects below are not only not finished, but worse, they’re things my husband has noticed are not finished and reminds me about… a lot.

The Pillows

The Pillows

The Pillows

Ah, the pillows.  If you’ve been reading my blog, you may have read this post all about my current obsession with throw pillows.  I love me some throw pillows.  I don’t love me some half done projects that I’ve grown bored of.

Some time Years ago we bought a couch off Craigslist.  The moment I saw this sofa, I had to have it.  It was just what we were looking for, a comfy microfiber couch that would fit in our tv room and it even looked nice.  Jackpot.  Quickly after getting it home and sitting on it we realized there was not much in the way of snuggliness.  It needed throw pillows.  I picked out a fantastic fabric at Joann’s that matched the color scheme in the tv room.  I took it home and in no time made a throw pillow. Success!  Then I got bored or busy, I forget which, and the matching pillow never got past the fabric cutting stage.



It just needs piping and sewing

It just needs piping and sewing

At some point in the following months I knit a coordinating pillow and put it next to the lone sewn one on the couch.  They looked so cute together, what a nice couple.  Then, as if by magic, I got bored of knitting that pillow’s matching partner about 3/4 of the way through.  Shameful.

So cute together

So cute together

SO close!

SO close!

So here we are, in a different house in a different state, and many years later, with two little pillows on the big couch.  Any time I mention sewing or pillows, I swear an alarm goes off in Charles’ head and he reminds me of the pillows that time forgot.  So ends the tale of the first DIY my husband cared about.

The Comforter

This story starts much more recently, in December actually.  BTW, it was another contributing factor in the Cinderella delay, but enough excuses.

To understand this project, you need to know something about our dog.  She is the most lovable, well behaved dog in the world, until you dare to leave her alone in the house with a bed accessible to her.  She destroys comforters and sheets;  I’m not sure what it is all about, and it really doesn’t matter, but she just destroys those suckers.  We have holes in basically all our sheets, duvet covers, and comforters thanks to that sweet little girl.

Yeah, she's cute

Yeah, she’s cute

Enter our current comforter.  I think it is a favorite of my husband’s  or he’s just snapped after years of linen abuse.  He wants the holes of the comforter patched up so we can wash it.  Fair enough.  He can’t sew, and works full time.  I can sew, and do not have a job here yet.  So I promised to fix it.  Except that this request to fix the comforter came right in the middle of December, otherwise known as crazy busy time.  I started it, and little and big holes alike were closing up before my eyes, but then we went on vacation, instead of continuing and finishing when we got back, I just switched out comforters to an undamaged one, threw the holey one in a corner, and stopped.

Just one of many patched holes

Just one of many patched holes

The sleeping culprit in the background

I’m bad, I warned you.  It needs to stop.

Thanks for being my craft confession buddies.  I’m planning on updating and posting as I work my way out of craft debt.  Come back tomorrow for Part 3, “The Ghost of Crafts Past.”


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