January 23 (23/365)



I actually got something other than junk mail or a bill in the mail today!  Woot!

About a month ago I ordered a necklace on Amazon that cost $0.97 total including shipping from Hong Kong.  I didn’t know if it would be cute, but with a price like that, who cares.  Today it arrived, and it’s actually pretty cute.

Today’s photo isn’t so much about the subject, it’s more about the adjustments I made in Lightroom.  The original shot is fine, it’s just a photo of a necklace, but I felt like playing around in Lightroom with all the levels and gradients and all that good stuff.  I was going for a more dramatic and interesting look, and I think I got that.

Here it is:


Here’s the original, in case you’re curious:


My 365


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