January 28 (28/365)

January 28 (28/365)


I ran a couple of errands today, and remembered to bring my camera (with memory card!) along.  Today’s photo might not be the best composed or exposed or interesting photo, but it was a sight that caught my eye and I just had to capture the moment before the light turned green.

I’ve been living here almost 5 months now, which doesn’t seem right no matter how many times I count out the months on my fingers.  I still feel like a visitor here, maybe because I haven’t made friends here yet, or maybe because our home is rented and that’s a change, or maybe it’s because I’ve moved too many times in my life to get attached quickly.  Who knows why.  Anyway, sometimes I forget where I am.  Not in the OhNoIThinkIHaveAmnesia way, more in the “oh yeah, this is California” way.  There is a difference.

Back to the photo.  As I waited at the light, it suddenly dawned on me that at the end of the street there was a large hill or a very small mountain.  Oh yeah, this is California.  Boring view to most, but I’m still getting used to it.



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