January 29 (29/365)

January 29 (29/365)


I had to go to the DMV today.  I won’t punish you with the story.  Suffice to say, the DMV is the DMV.

On the plus side, since I knew I’d be getting my ID photo taken, I bothered to brush my hair today.  Not one to waste brushed hair, I took to my backyard with tripod and shutter remote in tow and took some self portraits.  There were good ones, there were funny ones, and there were very, very, very bad ones.  Good fun.



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  1. Very nice self portrait! Many of the 365’ers seem to be getting on the self-portrait bandwagon this week. Awesome to see who is usually behind the lens!
    Sorry you had to spend time at the DMV…never a fun experience. But the photo ‘says’ it was worth getting gussied up! 😉

    • Thanks Laurel! I love seeing who’s behind the photos and words.
      Which 365s are you following right now? I have a handful that I’m really into and would love to add more to the list.

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