February 1 (32/365)

February 1 (32/365)


Can we just take a moment to get excited about the fact that it is now February and the dates no longer equal the x/365 number?  Just me?  Ok, whatever.

Bless my husband’s heart.  I was lazy and uninspired for a photo today, so he suggested with drive around at night and take a photo of something ‘cool’.  Great in theory.  Being the lazies we are, we talked about the idea of going out somewhere for a long time without actually really trying to think of somewhere or something to take a photo of.  Some time on Google Streetview later, I decided the best idea was to just get in the car and drive around until ‘cool’ found us.

Nice…  Except by then Charles was half asleep (he goes from awake to sleeping in about 2 minutes flat, I swear), but he had to come with me because it was late and I’m a scaredy-cat.  Oh, and I wanted to bring our dog along because she’s just super cute.

We piled into the car, drove up the main road, and saw nothing.  Nothing cool.  Nothing cool-ish.  Just the main road.  By the time we got to the Walmart parking lot I’d had enough of the search for ‘cool’ so I took some photos of a palm tree in the parking lot, and the empty lot itself (thanks to my insistent sleeping husband) and started the drive home.  At the last red light before our house I snapped a crazy quick photo of our dog in the backseat and turned the camera before I should have.  You already know how this is going to end.  Of course that crazy weirdly exposed shot is my pick for today.

She’s even cute out of focus.


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