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Little Update


I’ve been absent, lo siento (I’m sorry).  All the 365 photos are on the 365 page here.  I’ll be getting better about updating again, it was just a crazy couple of weeks.  Look out for a lot of catching up in the 365 mini-post department, and also in the craft dept topic.



Little Update


Operation get my ass in gear and finish up my goddaughter’s Christmas present is going well.

Working on a post right now all about it.  You have no idea how hard it is to buy light blue jersey knit.

Pet photo inc!


My cat, the huntress

Little Update


UGH!  I’m so bad.

I’ve always been this way, I get all into something (like this blog) and then I miss a day and then it all goes to crap and I end up missing a long time or forever.  Not this time!  I’m getting back in the routine.  365 photos daily and at least 2 other posts a week.

It has been announced.  It is official.

P.S.  Get on Vine, that app is hilarious

Obligatory pet photo:

Rare team action shot

Rare team action shot

Little Update


I’m awful!  I miss one day of posting, and it turns into 3!

Working on putting up the last few days of 365 photos now, and hopefully an update post on my Cinderella Craft Debt situation.

Sorry for being so bad!

Gratuitous pet pic:


Very old phone pic, and yes, she is always that happy

Little Update


So, just to publicly commit myself to it, here is the current plan of craft/sewing action:

1.  Sewing Cinderella PJs & Robe

2. Fix comforter

3. Spray paint the bedframe I just got for free last night (I know, I know, I said no new crafts, but it was free and yelling my name)

4. Everything else

Oh and somewhere in there is making cupcakes.  I was sorely disappointed when I woke up today and realized that the cupcakes in my kitchen were only in my dream, and not in real life.

As always, I leave you with a cute pet photo with this update: